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Quote of Note: “Reading this book put me in mind of a rare public appearance Ms. Lee made in Alabama in 2007. ‘It’s better to be silent,’ she told an audience, ‘than to be a fool.’” - Dwight Garner, closing his July 18, 2014 New York Times review of Marja Mills’ memoir, “The Mockingbird Next Door: Life with Harper Lee” (Penguin Press: 2014).


Welcome to, a Human Resource on the worldwide web where we're telling telling tales about those who may not want us to because... well, after all, who wants for those of us who have a telling tale to tell to tell a telling tale to the whole wide world on the worldwide web when the telling tale told is about them... and they don't want the telling tale told?* But because the truth is true & they who hate & berate truth tellers for telling truths are those who live lives of lies (& spread 'em) ~ Click Here for a bit of "Closure & Kindness"Click Here re the Sentencing of San Diegan Brandon Schroth on 12 Counts of Child Sexual Abuse and Child Pornography ~ CLICK HERE re CA SUPERIOR COURT INVESTIGATION of JIM PURDY of Prime Asset (Prop) Mgmt re having "ACTED SEXUALLY WITH the CHILDREN" (direct quote from court doc [my caps]) ~ Click Here to read about "SoCal Shenanigans" ~ Click Here for my post about a few more of our fellow San Diegans "Flipping A Coin"CLICK HERE Re Dr Gary Woodall of 5th Ave: "Don't Shit on Me Unless You're Fully Prepared to Wipe it Off Your Face When (not 'if') it Hits the Fan" ~ Click Here for the Re-Post of: (A) "Page 1 of 26, your Honor, with Exhibits A-Q" -&- (B) "Plaintiff Jim Purdy's Untruthful Statements and Accusations (continued), Your Honor" -&- (C) "Further Proof Provided to The Court that Apparently even Under Penalty of Perjury, Plaintiff Jim Purdy is a Liar and a Fraud." ~ CLICK HERE to Read "Pervs & Pedophiles: Part Three: San Diego's Dirty Dozen"CLICK HERE for "Pervs & Pedophiles: 'Part One' & 'Part Two'" & CLICK HERE to "Meet SoCal Pervophile of the Week Hans Loudermilk"CLICK HERE to Read All About Local Landlord "Paul Perv"CLICK HERE to Read "The Basic Basics" ~ Click Here for my Final Communication to Plaintiffs' Atty Michael Cody when my offer to meet per Jim & Minnie Purdy's purported desire to participate in mediation & settlement (as stated to the court itself) was met with complete & utter silence...CLICK HERE for "we know he is but what are they?" ~ Click Here to Tell Your Own Telling Tale &/or...


Read the Fan Fave "Purdy Says, 'I'm Gonna Citizens Arrest You!' To which the police and I say, Uhm... NOT!"

& even More Fan Faves Featuring Hoban, Purdy/Prime's Rather Rabid Lapdog & Self-Described "Pack Leader" 


CLICK HERE TO READ ALL ABOUT HOW "THE PURDYS THICKEN(ed) THE PLOT" BY SUING ME for telling my own true & telling tale as if Americans don't have the right to free speech when it comes to their own life stories ? ! !     Aye, Carumba! Muchos Lococajones, Batman!


AND IF YOU LIKE THOSE, YOU DEFINITELY WANT TO READ "the latest little purdy turdy" "Ladies and Gentleman, Anthony DiVincenzo!" & "Further Proof Provided to The Court that Apparently Even Under Penalty of Perjury Jim Purdy Is A Liar and A Fraud""Purdjery. James Purdjery.""Jim & Minnie Purdy's SLAPP Dance" & "Anti-SLAPPing the Sorry Asses' Sorry Asses" & find out what "Malicious Prosecution" is all about!


But wait! There's more! Because the Purdy/Prime lawsuit itself has now set us (and so many more of their past victims as well) on a path along which we have already learned some incredibly incredible and important inner insights I've shared and continue to share such as those that led me to send "from the bottom of my heart Regret" and to receive a reply by way of a note of appreciation that just blew me away even as the "Purdys Maintain 2 for 2 Loss vs Corbett-Fiacco and Free Speech" and "harassment continues" while I undertook my demonstration to the court and to everyone else that Jim Purdy is clearly a liar when I began "Page 1 of 26, Your Honor, With Exhibits A-Q" and followed up with "Plaintiff Jim Purdy's Untruthful Statements and Accusations (continued), Your Honor." And so the saga continues with "flyering" and "california dreamin" while the Purdys and their attorney continue the bullshit with which they only end up smearing themselves.


And along the long and winding road that has become the storyline of this part of my life, I post other posts, some fun(ny), some not, such as "wwid?" ~ "August 1st, 2012" ~ "Thurs 080212" ~ "Sat 08/04 @ 11:15am" ~ "WHEW!" ~ "Tuesday, August 7, 2012 @ 11:45ampst" ~ "080812 @ 5:30pm" ~ "excuse me, sir? madam?..." ~ "nobody will remember you as a whore (unless you acted like one)" ~ "week's end project" and "09/12/12." Of course you can also Begin Reading the memoir "Memories of OPM, Ferret Face Purdy and the Farr Irrish Brraying Brridal Whoorr" ...


All of this and so much more about the people and places in San Diego and around the world who think they can treat us any way they want to and get away with it because they think they've got the power and the smarts and legal teams to do it. Until now. Because in the 21st Century, the truth (and telling it to the whole wide world on the worldwide web) will set you free and change your sense of victimization to triumph by doing nothing more than simply telling the truth. And who doesn't feel better after getting something off their chest and alerting the rest of us to be aware of the people and places we need to beware of before they do unto us as they've done unto others? You may not believe your ears, but you can trust your eyes when you Read All About It at!


* Even when we ourselves [and me, myself & I (sofar)] are the ones we're telling a telling tale about! And we're even courteous enough to provide notification of the publication of the telling tale told to those about whom the telling tale was told... about... as well as the opportunity to offer reply. Because, honestly, fair is fair.


** Our Reader Reviews include comments and stories such as those about "Paul Perv" ~ "BMW of San Diego and The Bartending Academy in North Park" ~ "SOS & CalProp" ~ "West Star Properties" ~ "Mossy Nissan of Kearny Mesa" ~ "Staxxs on Deck" and "Atlas Construction" as well as Readers' Telling Tales about other people and places, too, such as "Highya, Neighbor" and  "Brown Hot Steamin' Friday."


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